Dog Grooming for Dummies-Book review

If you are new in the dog grooming world, then this dog grooming for dummies book review will be useful for you. The book can be a great help in guiding you in the different styles of dog grooming.

You can find lots of books related to grooming but you have to choose the best that suits your need and gives the best result.

“Dog grooming for dummies” is a popular book which is can be order from amazon or you can always buy the book at your neighborhood bookstore. The name is quiet matching with the content.

As the name specifies, overall content is designed for the beginners or the starters like you.

What Does Dog Grooming for Dummies Consist of?

The “Dog Grooming for Dummies” by Margaret H. Bonham is a good book to follow as it clearly covers the basic about grooming, which in a nutshell consists of:

– How to train your dog and prepare for grooming
– Special care for teeth, nails and ears
– How to use scissors and clippers
– How to groom particular types of coats
– And for show ring owners, prepare the dog for show ring

The book manages to cover all aspect of dog grooming starting from the

– introduction of grooming to the special care ideas,

– tips and health related issues and solutions.

– also specifies the special knowledge about the different types of coats and techniques to take care of them.

Brushing and bathing are covered in basic grooming part.

You may think bathing is not a big deal but you still may be doing it in a wrong way. As a groomer you have to know these basic first. This section also teaches you how to take care of the toes, ears, ahem, face and other parts of your dog’s body.

If you compare the price and the content it manages to cover, then having the book will always put you on the profit side. This book can be a great asset to dog lovers especially them who want to groom their doggies with their own hands and enhance the beauty as well as a good health.

Good Feedback from Buyers who bought from Amazon:

This book has been very helpful for the beginner. It has alot of very useful tips and is the perfect tool to get you started in the dog grooming business.


We cut or dogs hair before getting this book. It was super time consuming and looked terrible. I had to pay $120.00/each for all 3 dogs. This book is a must read.


I found this to be a very informative and detailed account of grooming. It answered many questions I had on this possible business idea. I would recommend this to anyone considering this as a business idea.

Bad Feedback from Buyers who bought from Amazon:

This book was a good but vague reference. I am just starting to try grooming my friends’ dogs and there are no ideas of what brands to buy: is cowboy magic better or should I dilute a horse strength detangler 3:1 such as Show Sheen? Should I buy “The Stuff”, “Mane N Tail detangler” or just use a pH balance dog conditioner? I went online to find general consensus on groomer forums, but…there isn’t one. All groomers had different stuff they swear by. Finally I decided to buy one and just try it out, but the point is, if this is your only grooming book, you are going to have to learn which brands to buy by trial and error, which is not my preferred method due to the added expense, plus it’s wasteful.

Also, apparently hand stripping can be very painful for a dog, and can be done wrong, yet it is talked about as being something that can be done by a “dummy”….I don’t think that’s very good advice. This should be done by people who have some experience.

All in all, it was a good starting point. However, it’s overpriced and repetitive, and only goes into extensive detail about Poodle clips. You have no diagrams for most breeds. I am going to buy the All Breed Grooming Handbook and try that.


When I purchased this item I was hoping for more than I got. It is not breed specific for specific grooming. It is all in general terms and I was looking for more specific tips in grooming. Worth the money if you are looking for general tips in grooming.

To know more about the book, Please visit the link Dog Grooming For Dummies

How to give a good bath to your doggie

Nowadays specially formulated dog shampoos with essential elements in it are available in the market. This was not the case if you talk about the time before grooming products came into existence. Now, you can get conditioners, gels, cream rinses even the detanglers which make dog bath better and healthier. These products have greatly made the human interest of dog grooming very easy.

Many people love outdoor activities and they may even love to do the grooming job outside. It is okey to do activities like brushing and combing outside but might not be that better to bath a dog outside. You may also be one of those who love to be outside and work; but you have to resist yourself in case of dog bathing. Usually outside water is too cold for the dogs. In addition, instantly after bathing; your dog may get dirty jumping around the garden while it tries to warm up his body.

Now, before making your pooch wet with lukewarm water, you have to brush it thoroughly. If you put water with the mats and tangles as it is then it might harm your dog as bacteria in those mats can cause skin infection. You may have to use the clippers to get rid of those tangled mats.

After making the coat mat free second thing you need to do is to put a cotton ball in each ear. Gently place the balls to prevent water from going inside the ears. But make sure you take them out after the bath.

Follow these easy and simple bathing basics:

  1. Find an appropriate size bathtub for bathing and place your pooch in it:- If you have small breed dog then it may fit into sink also but for a comfortable bath, you need a groomer’s tub or your own bath tub. Remember you should never use shower to bath a dog.
  2. Then feel the water with your hand and find out if it is lukewarm or not. Start to wet down the hair thoroughly. Make sure you make the face wet with a washcloth.
  3. Now lather up the coat with a proper dog shampoo. Your dog shampoo should be a proper ph-balanced shampoo. For the face and eyes, use the wash cloth.
  4. After sometime, rinse it thoroughly. Sliding your fingers through the hairs will make the job fast and easy. Make sure all the soap is removed because remained soap can cause dreaded mats.
  5. Apply a good conditioner and rinse it thoroughly.
  6. Now take out those dog towels and dry it off. You can even make use of dog blow-driers for drying out. But remember not to use the human hair dryers on dogs as these driers’ temperature can harm the dogs’ skin.

Dog grooming clippers-how to use them safely

When we talk about dog grooming products and supplies, grooming clippers are one of the basic and necessary tools. Dog grooming clippers can be hair clippers or the nail clippers. Hair Clippers help to keep the fur or hairs uniform. Likewise, nail clippers are used for pedicure.
These clippers make your job easy and the place you groom your dog gets to stay clean to some extent. The hair scattering problem while grooming the hair can be solved by such clippers. You can make use of grooming tables also during the grooming to keep the dog in one place. Such tables have special straps to keep your dog in a fixed position. Most of the tables have variety of features that make clipping so easy.

dog grooming clipper

Planning of clipping before jumping into actual hair clipping will always make your hair cutting experience better and easy. You really need to remove all the mats before you clip the dog. Make sure all the tangles are solved.
Before you start clipping your dog go through some of the useful tips to make your dog used to the clippers:

– You should start clipping your dog in the early stage, earlier the better, puppy stage clipping helps in future.
– Make sure the clippers don’t make loud sound. Loud sound making clippers make your dog irritated and it can also scare it. Choose such clippers which run the quietest.
– You can visit the breed member’s forum to find out how others with same breed are clipping the dog. You may get some free guidelines in such forums or you can place questions and clear your doubts about clipping.
– It always better for you to get the first clipping done and shown by a breeder or a professional dog groomer. That way you have less chances of making mistake during clipping.

You don’t have to worry if the clipping goes wrong next times you do, but be sure to follow the safety measures mentioned below:
1. Make sure the blades of the clippers are not dull. Sharp blades should be used; otherwise there might be a hair pull.
2. Specific coats needs specific blades make sure you choose a proper blade as per the dogs’ coat.
3. You can make use of combs to be in safer side and have a uniform cut.
4. Always remember to use coolants or lubricants on the blades so that they don’t get over heated and burn your dog’s hair. Also make sure you don’t use excess oils as lubricants, as these may ruin the coat. Wipe the excess oils.
5. Keep checking if the clippers are hot or not. If they get hot then spray some coolant.
Follow the instructions and have a safe and sound clipping experience with your new dog grooming clippers.

How to brush your dog’s teeth & maintain a good health

Although dogs don’t have to suffer from cavities like we human being do; they can get plaque, gingivitis and tartar. All these can cause teeth problem and bad breaths. Taking your doggie to the dentist can cost you very much. Worst of all, you will have to put him under anaesthesia since dogs don’t open their mouth “wide open” for the dentist.
So, brushing is very essential to better protect your dog’s teeth. When we talk about brushing the dog’s teeth, you may wonder how often to brush. Actually it’s hard to do but you need to brush it every day. Realistically it may not be possible that much, but even if you manage to brush it twice a week then you are always in safer side than many dog owners.
Now let’s get into the main thing how to brush your dog’s teeth?
Before you start the actual brushing you will need to train your pooch for the cleaning. In other word make it ready for brushing without any hesitation. To make your dog ready, you can follow these steps:
– Gradually make him allow you to touch his mouth. Then, flip up his lips.
– After that hold a clean wet cloth’s corner with your index finger and rub gently on the gums and teeth in a circular motion.
– Make soothing tones to calm down your dog. Talk to him.
– Now, if he gets impatient, stop the process and give him a good treat. Post pone it till tomorrow.
– Repeat all above steps and try to increase the time duration gradually.

Dog Teeth Brushing

Ultimately, you will find yourself giving your dog a good gum and teeth massage for a long time period without any problem.
Okey, here comes the actual brushing part:
1. Put some dog toothpaste onto a pet brush. Then,allow the dog to lick it off. Finger brush is easier to use.
2. Now, flip his lips and then gently rub the brush against his teeth and gums for about a minute.
3. Give him a treat and stop the process for tomorrow.
4. Again follow the same process slowly increasing the time duration. You may brush those teeth left yesterday for a good result.
Eventually, you will be able to get enough time for a thorough teeth brushing. But you will really need to have a good patience and understanding of your dog’s nature.
You should never use human toothpaste for dogs or any other pets. The fluoride content in human toothpaste can act as poison in dogs since dogs don’t rinse and spit the toothpaste as we do. They swallow almost everything you put into their mouth.
Make sure your dog is ready for brushing. He should allow you to touch his mouth freely. Even after allowing you to touch, do not over do the process at once. Make it a real slow process at first.

Dog Grooming Schools- what good features you should look for?

If you want to be a perfect dog groomer, then you will have to attend a good Dog grooming school. Such schools prepare future groomers who provide service to dog owners. You can also attend such training schools providing grooming training; and be like a professional to take a good care of your home dog. It will be even more fruitful if you are a constant traveller and keep on moving with your dog.

Before you roll into any dog grooming training school, you will need to figure out what features a good Dog Grooming Training School should have. Here are some help to get the best out of such training schools:

Firstly find out whether the school offers the course you are interested in or not. You also need to find out if the school is an accredited vocational school or not. If you roll into an accredited one then you may have the advantage of getting federal student loan.

Find out, what is the student to instructor ratio? If you roll into a class that is too big then you may not be able to get a personal attention during practical trainings.

Many schools offer post graduation assistance. Find out whether the schools you are rolling in have well established community contacts or not. A good contact with potential employer from the community can provide you job opportunity with the successful course completion.

Make sure there is a good resource available for hands on training for each student. Normally, the dog owners get their dogs to such grooming school for cheap grooming. In return the students under training get a valuable hands-on-training. Best dog grooming schools have enough clients for such practice allowing each student to perform and observe grooming on a single dog rather than having to share with two or more students.

Dog Grooming School

Nowadays you get virtual online training schools also, but classroom training can never be won by such schools. You will get to know about varieties of dogs and their behaviour to some extent. If you wish to learn about your particular dog grooming then online learning can be a good option.

Always remember that dog grooming schools can’t prepare you the best to deal with dangerous dogs. If you intend to be in grooming business in future then you may invest some amount in animal behaviour study courses so that you get to know stressed animals and their behaviour.

Don’t be in hurry, Find out everything above mentioned.Roll into the best school and be a perfect Dog Groomer!

How to select the best dog grooming table

A comfortable grooming table is an essential element to make the dog grooming experience better. Professional groomers make use of tables that are best and easy to work on. You can also be like a professional if you know how to choose a grooming table that is best for you. Here are some helpful tips on selecting the best dog grooming table.

– There are different varieties of table available in the market ranging from simple manual portable to hydraulic swivel topped tables tagged with different prices. You have to find out your budget limit first.

– Nowadays advanced tables with therapeutic benefits are also available in the market. Decide whether such tables add value to your purchase or not.

– Tables come in vast array of sizes and shapes; firstly consider what size dog you have and then go through the table’s description thoroughly, whether that is online or the real shop.

– Electric tables are great solution for big dog grooming. It helps in lifting the dog up for grooming and placing down when finished. It prevents you from back injuries due to lifting heavy dog weight.

– Tables come in riveted together or welded form. You have to find it easy to use and it should make you happy when grooming on that table.

– Grooming tables come in different colours. You have to select such color that clearly shows up the fallen hair. Blue color table is a good option for such purpose.

Dog Grooming Table

– At last it’s always better to consult groomers who have been grooming dogs for a long time before you make a purchase. It will ensure you more with the best grooming table.

A grooming table is one of the very necessary equipment for pet grooming professionals. Table aids the professionals making their job easy and comfortable. So, you can also buy the best grooming table and make the grooming job easy and interesting just like professionals.

Dog Grooming Products-What else you need to have?

Dog grooming becomes enjoyable and rewarding if you have the right grooming products. Having the good grooming tools and other equipments ready in your arsenal not only makes home grooming easy but also improves your dog’s overall health.

Daily grooming routine is very necessary to maintain your dog’s smart look. However you don’t need to bathe every day. You will have to collect a variety of dog grooming products like combs, clippers, de-shedding tools, brushes and so on to get the grooming job done smoothly.

Here are recommendations of some essential grooming products you should have.

Dog Grooming Tools:

If you have a dog with long hair and it needs hair cut frequently then you probably should have a clippers kit. These clippers come in different sets and with extra combs providing a perfect solution for clipping.

Another thing you will need is a dog brush. Your dog loves brushing time to time. Brushing also saves you from loose hairs on your couch. One of the best and used brushing kits is Zoom Groom. It acts as a great tool for daily use.

If you want a little high quality brush then you can go for Chris Christensen Dog brushes. These brushes are superior show dog brushes with polished pinheads.

Dog Grooming Products for Bath Time:

Besides the shampoo and water, using bath time products like Booster Bath makes your bathing experience easier and your dog also enjoys it. These products also make the job much faster. Products like these provide you the convenience of standing up and giving a bath, you don’t have to bend over the tub and have a back pain. These systems contain handy nozzle for water flow control and a good collar system for placing the dog at the exact spot during bath. Storage of the system is quite simple and easy because of the detachable legs.

Dog Grooming Products

If you have a dog that gets easily stressed normally or during bath, then you can go for product like Comfort zone Pheramones. Such product releases substance used for calming dogs safely. You just have to place the product in the grooming area and rest it will do.

De-Shedding Tools for dog grooming:

You get many types of branded de-shedding tools in the market. One of the most popular de-shedding tools in the market is the Furminator. It’s ideal design and work surely keeps your home free of hairs for many days. Especially if you are allergic to dog hair, then it will be a great help for you.

Drying Helpers:

After a bath you will need to have a good absorbing towel. You can get many branded super absorbent dog towels. You can purchase a bone printed dog towel to make it distinct from other towels. That way you won’t have trouble finding the towel.

Another drying helper you need to have is a hair dryer. One of the most used dryer is the Challenge Air hair dryer. It’s high volume of low temperature air blows off the water in sheets in no time.

Doggie Pedicure products:

Your dog needs to get his nails done from time to time. You will need to have Dog Nail Trimmer to get the job done with confidence.

For best and easy grooming you will need to have a good dog grooming table too.

Dog grooming tips for dummies-10 easy matting and bathing tips

No matter which breed dog you have, it needs a regular grooming for a smart appearance.  Let it be a smooth coated dog or high maintenance breed like Cocker spaniel, all need your daily care for a healthy living. It’s just that you may have to spend less time for smooth coated breeds whereas you may have to spend a huge amount of time for high breeds.

In most high-maintenance breed cases, you may wish to see a professional groomer, but you can easily groom your dog at home if you have the right products and tools for grooming. Sometimes you will also need to understand your dogs’ temperament for a smooth grooming.

Here are some helpful tips for beginners like you.

1 – Brushing your dog’s hair regularly

Brushing your dog’s hair regularly is very essential for a healthy growth. It also helps to make your home free from loose dog hair. For brushing purpose, you basically need to have a wire slicker brush and a metal grooming comb. If you have a long haired dog then you probably may have a mat splitter. The L-shaped tool with a razor blade simply slices through the mats. You can even purchase a wide toothed rake if your dog is an extra long coat breed.

2 – Remove mats and loose hair from dog’s coat

Always remember to remove the mats and loose hair from your dog’s coat before a bath. It helps to protect your dog from skin problems arising from the moisture and bacteria hidden in those mats. If you find it difficult to remove any mats with wire slicker, brush or mat splitter then you can make use of electric clippers.

But never use scissors to cut mats as some mats form right next to the skin. It can harm your dog poking or snipping off the skin.

3 – Where to start bathing your dog

While giving a bath to your dog, start from head and follow across the back, then chest, legs and tail. You can place your dog in either standing or sitting position but standing position is easier.

Dog Bathing

4 – The Right Tub for your dog

Large sink or utility tub for bathing is ideal for small dogs. If you have a large dog then your bath tub is a good option. You will need to have a shower nozzle connected to a flexible hose for a good bathing.

5 – Test water temperature before you bath your dog

Make sure you test the water temperature before you spray on your dog. Test the water on your bare skin first if you are going to wear a rubber gloves.

6 – Never give your dog a cold bath

Never give your dog a cold water bath. It not only makes your dog uncomfortable but also gives you a tough time in removing the dirt and greases. Slightly warm water is ideal for bathing.

7 – Shampoo for ticks and fleas

If you are applying shampoo for ticks and fleas, you will need to lather your dog thoroughly from head to toe. You will need to keep it for 10 minutes before rinsing.

8 – Regular Shampoo will do

Make use of regular shampoo for the first lather and rinse thoroughly. Then only use the flea shampoo for a better result.

9 – Rinse thoroughly

Always remember to rinse the shampoo thoroughly from your dog’s coat. Otherwise it may cause skin problems. Squeeze out the excess water using your hands.

10 – Drying your dog

Finally, use the towels to dry up. You can make use of dog hair driers. Once again, brush and comb him thoroughly to get rid of loosened hair.

These tips, dog grooming for dummies, will surely give you a great grooming experience with a smart and fresh looking dog.

For more tips and a free course, check out “the secrets to easy dog grooming“.